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We are specialist Developers & Operators of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) & USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) equipment, developed to perform activities at heights and spaces only achieved by expensive helicopters, boats or access equipment. These current methods can put humans in dangerous situations, take long periods of time, have very high costs and/or require expensive downtime of operating facilities.


All of our equipment is developed using the most advanced mechanics & technologies available from across the world on a commercial scale, allowing a full asset inspection to take place without the need for expensive downtime of facilities or operating processes. E-MIGS craft come in a variety of shapes and sizes all suiting different applications, from rotary wings (VTOL) and fixed wing planes to unmanned boats of different sizes…and they all have one purpose – autonomous, rapid data collection.


E-MIGS operate a unique aerial survey and mapping service delivering sub 20mm accurate topographical mapping and high-resolution aerial ortho-photo mosaics and 3D DSM/DEM modelling. Our service provides UAV expertise, specialist GIS and world leading utility & Infrastructure experience.


Our operators providing each service are experienced UAV pilots (upto 20kg cat.), coupled with our in-house Engineers & Construction/Utility Specialists. We can provide a full turn key reporting/analysis service to the industries on any large or small asset base in a very short period of time allowing a constant insight on the condition and status of their assets and the immediate surroundings.


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